You can have multiple team members in your UserGuiding account via automated invitations. When adding a new user to UserGuiding, you’ll be prompted to define their permissions. All of the permission levels are outlined in this article.

How to add a team member?

  • When you arrive at the Team's page, click on +NEW TEAM MEMBER on the top left corner.

  • In the opening window, you can write down the name and email address of your teammate and set a permission level for her or him.

  • Once you SAVE your work here, an automatic invite message will be sent to your new team member.


What are the user permission levels in UserGuiding?

Currently, we have three permission levels:


1. Guide activation 

If it is disabled a team member can edit guides, but can’t update JS output. 

2. User Management 

If it is disabled, a user can’t add a new team member to your account, or can't see and edit other team members' permission levels.

3. Subscription/billing Management 

Only the initial user of your UserGuiding account has the permission to manage subscription and billing activities.

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