This article explains how you can use Google's Tag Manager to install UserGuiding on your web platform or site.

Before You Start

Containers in UserGuiding are JavaScript code snippets that are used to install UserGuiding on your web application or site. To understand "the concept of the container", you can watch this video.

In order to trigger Guides or Hotspots live on your app, you must complete the installation by embedding a single container code into your app's source code.

Embedding the Container Code with Google's Tag Manager, to complete the installation.

Follow the steps below to complete the installation of UserGuiding.

  1. Go to workspace & click New Tag

2. Name your tag & click on 'Tag Configuration'

3. Select 'Custom HTML'

Important: For the next step, you're going to use a container code that you can find yours on the Containers page of your UserGuiding Account.

  • Click Show and copy your code.

4. Paste your UserGuiding container code as shown below.

5. Click on triggering

6. Choose a trigger

7. Click 'SAVE'

8. Submit your changes

9. Publish new version

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