When you click on the Create a new step in guide creation, you'll see the 3 main types of steps with accompanying templates: Modal, Tooltip and Input Field.

1) Modal

You can use the ‘Modal’ to create pop-ups. They can be in varying sizes and positions. 

We advise you to use the Modals to greet your users or to give information about the process that they will go through, for the first step of your guides.

2) Tooltip

‘Tooltip’ enables you to highlight a specific item in your interface. With a tooltip you can point out a UI element and provide an explanation about it.

Proceeding to the next step in your guide can be done by clicking on a Requisite Button or an Element (Click&Tooltip).

3) Input Field

‘Input field’ is suitable for highlighting an input field on a UI and encouraging end users to fill the area you point at.

You can design it as a mandatory action with the "Field is Required" option, validate a given information, and set a value for the Autofill.

Components that you can use within steps

Given that you're starting from a plain text, you can create a step with a combination of different materials, such as text, image, video and, etc, by adding new components to your guides.

Each component's location can be changed with drag and drop. (Upward, downward and sideway)

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