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Can I use UserGuiding for mobile apps or mobile websites?
Can I use UserGuiding for mobile apps or mobile websites?

How we handle the mobile technology you may use in your application.

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UserGuiding is built for browser-based web applications and relies on JavaScript to show its contents, and it supports all modern browsers. However, you need to use our Chrome Extension for building and designing Guides or Hotspots.

We have a test version for mobile website compatibility so that your onboarding material can be visible on mobile browsers!

Mobile Website Compatibility feature

This feature allows you to display your guides and other content on screens smaller than 800px. In this feature, creating different segments based on the device type (by defining a custom attribute) and creating mobile-compatible versions of the onboarding material will be useful. 🤗

This implementation works best for Hotspots & Guides. However, be wary of the presence of the highlighted elements on the mobile browser view.

Enabling the 'Mobile Responsiveness' feature

As we are still in the Beta phase, it requires special attention from a team member who can look after the contents on the mobile view display. If you are open to testing this feature, contact us to enable it for you!

Does UserGuiding support mobile native apps?

UserGuiding only supports web apps and not native mobile apps. Also, there's no expectation of proceeding with a project to support native apps.

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