Let's say you've created a list of guides, placed them inside a Checklist, saved and published the Checklist within your web application.

But, even though you can see the launcher icon on the targeting page when you click on it, you see that the opening checklist doesn't have any guide in it. And you wonder why? 🤔

The most likely reason for this incident is your guides being inactive. Thus, if a guide is not visible inside an active checklist, you should check its status.

  • And if you want a guide to be triggered only from a checklist, you should set its triggering method as custom by visiting its settings page.

  • Then activate its status, save the change, and click on Publish Changes.

  • Once you activate all guides inside your checklist, come back to your web application where you place the checklist, then refresh the page.

  • You will be able to see the guides inside it.

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