Page Targeting

Targeting is the process that you determine on what page or pages you want a guide or some other content to display.

A target is composed of A Rule and a URL bit and, its functioning is depicted as it is read from left to right.

Page Targeting Video Tutorial

Let's all look at the guide's targeting that is shown us here below:

If a page's URL equals to, this means the sample guide will be displayed on it.

To have in-depth information, see also: What is Targeting?

Audience Segmentation

Segmentation is a feature that helps you to create end-user segments or groups. Created segments are used throughout UserGuiding to filter users and target them for guides, hotspots, and checklists.

Segmentation Video Tutorial

If a visitor meets all rules of a segment, they will be included in that segment which is used for targeting a guide or, etc.

With Audience Segmentation, you can set the right coupling in the guide's settings page, and make sure your guides are visible to the right audience.

You can set user segments to guides, hotspots, checklists, and NPS.

To learn how to create user segments and more, read What is Segmentation?

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