When you are adding a new step to your guide, you have 3 options including the Input field. 

In the input field element selection, you can only choose elements having an input field to fill in. 

After you choose an element, you are expected to fill the content part as in the other step types.

Input field differs from the other step types with two important features, listed in the Settings tab:

  • Requisition of the Input

  • Input Validation

  • Autofill

When the Field is Required checkbox is ticked, end users have to fill the corresponding input field in order to be able to proceed to the next step. 

When the Input Validation checkbox is ticked, you anticipate that an end users's input must be either a valid Zip Code, Email or Telephone Number to be able to proceed to the next step. 

When the third checkbox is ticked, Autofill, is active, end-users will become able to fill the input field at the instant with the value you have typed in the Autofill value part.

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