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How many containers can I add?
How many containers can I add?

Learn more about active container code limitations in plans.

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Containers in UserGuiding are JavaScript code snippets that are used to install UserGuiding on a web platform.

If you want to install UserGuiding on more than one platform such as a different main domain, website, or subdomain (staging vs production), you can use different container codes for separate platforms.

In addition to a default container code that exists in every UserGuiding account, you can create additional container codes and activate them by installing them on a specific domain you have.

That said, you can have a certain number of active container codes according to your subscription plan in UserGuiding.

⚠️ Important: Each platform page should contain only one container code. Please don't install multiple container codes on the same domain whether they are main or sub.

How many containers can I add?

UserGuiding currently offers three main plans. The active container amount differs in each plan.

  • Basic Plan: 2 Active Containers

  • Professional Plan: 5 Active Containers

  • Corporate Plan: Unlimited Containers

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