Yes it can!

You can use more than one Checklist or Help Center within your web application. Checklists can differ from each other in many aspect such as their;

  • Launcher Icon,
  • Format (checklist vs help center)
  • Content (guides)
  • Design settings, etc.

As you already now, you can't have two checklists with two separate Launcher icons in a single page. In other words, an end-user can't see two Launcher Icon at the same time, that belong to two separate Checklists.

That's why, if you want to utilize more than Checklist or Help Center within your web application, you need to target them to different pages or/and different user segment.

What is Targeting? and What is Segmentation?

Let's assume you have two checklists: if their targeting and segmentation conditions intersect, this means that you're directing the two of them to same pages and to same users at the same time. In this case, one would override the other and you can see only one of them.

Thus, if you create two different checklist with different Launcher Icons or with different guides, be sure that either their targeting or segmentation condition is exclusive.

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