There are three common errors you might get on UserGuiding Chrome extension during a preview. These are;

  • Selected element is hidden

  • Previewed step is not this page

  • You don't have access to previewed URL

1. Selected element is hidden

This means that our algorithm couldn't find the highlighted element which is selected by you. (the area you selected while creating tooltip or input field steps)

And the reason might be,

  • While you attempt to preview the step, the selected area is not present on the current UI (hidden)

  • The page has more than one element that you select. This means that our algorithm can't find the element you highlighted among a number of identical elements.

  • Element you've selected is shown if a certain condition is met (you've selected dropdown menu, which is open when user click or hover on the dropdown.)

2. Previewed step is not on this page

This means that you've selected an element on a different page than the current one.

And, you've not connected these two steps with a click & tooltip. Our preview algorithm is not changing the URL in such a case.

Please make sure you connect these two different URL's with click action.

3. You don't have access to previewed URL

This means that extension couldn't set the URL of a page as expected, or web page redirected the extension to a different page. Most of the time logging into authentication protected pages fix this.

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