It makes sense to create and test guides on staging domains. But, when it's time to publish everything on the production environment, you don't want to re-create everything from scratch.

Follow the directions below to move your guides from one domain to another.


  1. Guides are made up of steps and, you can create a guide by creating either one or more steps.

  2. Guides come into view on their page targeting URL(s).

  3. A guide's default page targeting & redirect URL is the same as the URL of the page in which you've created its first step.

⚠️ You can update a guide's both Redirection and Page Targeting Settings on Chrome Extension. Page Targeting can also be updated on UserGuiding's Panel > Guide > Settings.

How to move a guide from staging to prod domain?

Follow the below steps;

1-) Update your guide's targeting settings to match the prod domain. Learn more about Page Targeting.

2-) Update your guide's redirection settings to match the guide's Starting URL in the prod domain.

Alternative 3rd step -)

If you have embedded different container codes in your test/staging and production environment, don't forget to update the container of your guide to move it to your prod domain.

You can update a guide's container in the Settings both on UserGuiding's Panel and Chrome Extension.

Final Step -) Don't forget to Save and Click Green Publish Changes once your work is done.

Here is an example;

Guide A Targeting Rule in Test Domain: URL > contains > test.userguiding.com/home
Guide A Starting URL in Test Domain: https://test.userguiding.com/home

When Guide A is moved to the prod domain, it's targeting and redirection settings should be as the following:

Guide A Targeting Rule in Prod Domain: URL > contains > userguiding.com/home
Guide A Starting URL in Test Domain: https://userguiding.com/home

When Guide A is triggered, when the targeting rule will not match with the current url, the browser will automatically switch to the Starting URL (https://userguiding.com/home) to start the guide.

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