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Monthly Active Users (MAU)
Exceeding Monthly Active Users (MAU) quota
Exceeding Monthly Active Users (MAU) quota

Learn what to do when reaching your MAU quota.

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When you exceed your MAU quota, your onboarding material won't be visible to your end-users, but you can still use the UserGuiding Panel and the Chrome Extension to create and maintain your onboarding material.

Enabling User Identification

If you haven't enabled the User Identification feature in your account, the MAU will be calculated based on browser sessions.

Therefore, the same user can be counted multiple times due to accessing your web platform through different devices or incognito mode and clearing the browser cache.

Check this article to learn how to enable this feature. If you want to understand better how MAU is calculated, click here.

User Identification is already enabled

If the User Identification feature is already enabled, it's time to increase your MAU quota! You can always upgrade to a larger plan from the UserGuiding Panel or contact our Support Team via ticket.

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