Containers are the places where your content is located. Once you put your onboarding content within a container, the content will be visible on the web pages where the Container is embedded.  

Watch the video below to learn how Containers work.

When creating a Container;

  • You should name your Containers first,
  • When you are done, we will provide you a small JavaScript code snippet.

You can create a new container on the UserGuiding panel here.

Code Embedding Status tells you if you have added your UserGuiding tracking code properly.

Code: Click on the "Show" button to see your unique tracking code that you need to embed on your relevant domain. You can also send it directly to your developer or use Google Tag Manager to embed it easily.

Check out this article to learn how to easily embed the tracking code with Google Tag Manager.

Protip: We recommend you to use your domain URL as the container name. It will be much easier if you plan to use multiple URLs with your subdomains.

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