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What are the Containers?
What are the Containers?

Learn everything you need about the Containers.

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What are Containers?

Containers in UserGuiding are JavaScript code snippets that are used to install UserGuiding on a web platform.

Later, each content you create such as guides, hotspots, checklists, etc. can be placed inside the embedded container code, ready to be displayed within your web app.

You can find them in Settings > Containers at UserGuiding Panel.

How to embed UserGuiding's JS code to complete the installation?

If you have access, by embedding a single container code inside your application's source code, preferably to the head section, you can start actively utilizing UserGuiding as a third-party onboarding tool.

You can read this workflow to complete installation or watch and learn from our quick-start video below πŸ‘‡

Important: You can also Install UserGuiding with Google's Tag Manager. To learn how to, check out this article.

How does the Container work?

To learn how Containers work, you can watch the below video.

Where to find Containers

You can find them in Settings > Containers at UserGuiding Panel.

Here, you will find a "Default" container, ready to be embedded in your web application.

Important: If you want to install UserGuiding on more than one platform, you can use different container codes for separate platforms.

To create a new container code, you need to click on the +CREATE A CONTAINER button.

When creating a Container;

  • You should name your Containers first,

  • When you are done, we will provide you with a small JavaScript code snippet.

Code Embedding: This is the status telling you whether you have embedded the container code successfully. If yes, you'll see a blue checkmark under it.

Code: Click on </>Show button to see your unique container code.

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