Do you want to support your users in Multiple Languages using our onboarding content? That's awesome 🎉

Let's create multilingual guides together 🤗

How to Create User Segments - Video Tutorial

1- Create a guide on your web app, a regular guide with the necessary steps.

2- Duplicate it in the guides section of your panel and name it with the relevant language. Then open the new guide in the Extension and translate the content for each step.

Protip: With duplicating a guide, you won't have to create every step again. But check the targeting & flow settings after duplicating if your URL changes when you change the language in your website.

3- Create a theme, or edit your default theme in the themes section to set up different languages.

4- Go to theme settings using the gear icon and check the "Preview Language" section.

Protip: Since the default language of UserGuiding is already English, you can use the default theme for the users whose browser language is English.

Below, i am creating the theme that will be in French.

5- Almost there! Now we need to segment the right audience with the guides in English or French. Let's create two different segments for that in the segmentation section.

For French, I'm setting this segment as "Language + is + French".

6- Now the last part. We need to go to the guide settings in the guides section and choose the relevant theme & segment for each guide so that they will trigger accordingly.

7- Do not forget to click on the 'Publish Changes' Button and that's it. Now your guides have multilingual support 🤩

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