With UserGuiding Chrome extension, you can create onboarding guides & product tours on every web app. But making them visible for your users requires you to embed our tracking code. 

There is a way to use UserGuiding for 3rd party platforms - such as JIRA, where you can't implement any tracking code.

Here's a video that explains how to do it:

And here's step by step explanation: 

  • Create your guides on JIRA or whatever platform you want to with UserGuiding Chrome extension.

  • People who you want guides to trigger should install Tamper Monkey extension on Chrome.

  • Each person should implement UserGuiding tracking code once, without the <script> ... </script> part.

  • When you set your guides active, they will trigger automatically on the platform you've injected the code via Tamper Monkey. 

PS: You can create onboarding checklists, segments and get reports as well! 

Note: Some websites, such as Asana, don't let injecting code with such an extension. Currently, there is no option to make guides work on these websites.

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