Would you like to upgrade the overall user experience of your end-users? All you have to do is to activate your guides' status!

By doing so, you make your guides visible to the end-users. In other words, once the users arrive at the targeted URL or trigger a guide manually, they will come into view.

If you want to stop the guide showing up to your end-users, go into your panel and deactivate it under the Guide's Settings Page.

You should also pay attention to the possible guide triggering methods. To learn more, check out: Guide Trigger Settings

Auto Trigger: 

By default, your guides trigger automatically whenever a visitor arrives at a URL where you have an active guide.

To get more information on the Guide Triggering Options, please visit this article.

Custom Trigger

You can also use custom triggers to make your guides show up to the end-users in particular cases. You should use the Custom Trigger Option when you want to;

  • Make your guides show up only by using the Onboarding Checklist. 

  • Make your guides show up by using a hyperlink.

  • Make your guides show up by calling userGuiding.previewGuide(guide_id) in Javascript. Learn more

  • Make your guides show up by creating events and triggers using Google Tag Manager.

  • Make your guides show up by taking specific action on your platform.

    The Guide ID is located under the Guide's Settings Page right next to the Status Field on top.

To get more information on the Guide Triggering Options and Custom Triggers, please visit this article.

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