In your panel under the Content section in the Guides/Hotspots Tab you can see the + New Guide/Hotspot Group Button. When you click on it the pop-up below will appear;

Type in the url of your website and click start. Your website will be opened in a new pop-up window and UserGuiding's Chrome Extension will be ready to use as well.

Within this window, you can manually navigate to the page, or login to your platform, where you want to start creating your guide/hotspot. When you are in the right place, just name your guide/hotspot group and start by creating your first step.

For further info check out the example below; 

Let's suppose you want to create a guide/hotspot in . If you type within the url input field, the home page will be opened in the pop-up window. From there you can click on the Features Button located at the header and manually navigate to the page that you want to create your guide/hotspot in.

You do not have to type in the exact url of the page, you can navigate within your website while the extension is open and start the process when you arrive to the right place.

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