Security Framework

Learn more about UserGuiding's security framework and the company's security practices.

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Security in UserGuiding

UserGuiding is a modern user onboarding product, empowering product and support teams to provide the best customer experience by designing walkthroughs, in-app messages, hotspots, checklists without coding. UserGuiding collects and tracks usage data to provide insights for the performance of user onboarding tools created via UserGuiding. Always on service and secure handling of this data is UserGuiding’s number one priority.

Security Framework

UserGuiding security follows practices proposed on the ISO 27001 Information Security Standard and Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Framework, which includes:

• Policies & procedures
• Personal security
• Asset Management
• Access Management
• Physical Security
• Cryptography
• Operations security
• Communications security
• System development and maintenance
• Supplier security
• Security incident management
• Business continuity management
• Compliance

Security is the responsibility of all employees of UserGuiding, and each employee must complete regularly scheduled security training. The Chief Technology Officer, responsible for Security & Reliability, defines and implements the security program at UserGuiding. This program is reviewed with the executive team regularly to ensure
the latest security measures are in place to keep customer data secure.

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