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Learn more about the security process for employees at UserGuiding.

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Security begins with the employee at UserGuiding. Each employee goes through a security process, which includes the following:

Background Checks

Information Security is addressed at the recruitment stage and background checks are performed on all UserGuiding staff. Criminal and reference checks are performed prior to hire. The contract with each employee contains their responsibilities for information security as an employee of UserGuiding.

Training & Awareness

An information security training and awareness program is in place so employees can perform their functions in an efficient and effective manner. 

In addition to technical security education, product and technology education featuring security-related topics is given to developers. We also have a technical badge earning system which is a platform for the company to recognize employee achievement and motivate the team to develop new skills. Incidents and vulnerabilities that may affect security are reported through management channels as
quickly as possible by employees.

Termination or Change of Employment

Terminated employees are removed from all systems. All-access to any UserGuiding management systems, tools & platform is disabled the day the person leaves the company.

Employees who leave UserGuiding on their own or through termination are required to return all company assets, including but not limited to: laptops, computers, files, keys, and access cards on their last day.

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