As of version 2.15.0 (July 4th) we are supporting guides inside iframes. 

*The new version of extension enables using pointers (element selection) inside iframes. You don't need an additional implementation to start creating guides. 

**In order to see guides live on your website, you need to add UserGuiding's iframe JS code into all the iframes inside your web application.

Code snippet

<script async src=""></script> 

Final implementation should look like below;


  • Currently we do only support guides inside iframes, soon we'll add iframe support for hotspots too.
  • Iframe must have src  attribute. Due to limitations via web extensions we do not support sourceless frames. 
  • We support iframes those are loaded via one of the http://, https:// or file:// protocols.
  • We're storing iframe's DOM index to relocate it. In order to preview guides through different iframes, make sure you've added iframe script into all iframes inside your application.

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