Check out the following steps, you will learn how to create your first guide in no time!

  • The first thing you should do is to log in to your UserGuiding Account. 
  • Once you've arrived in the Panel, under the Content section, you will find Guides tab, click on it.
  • To start creating your first guide, find the + NEW GUIDE button and click on.
  • Then type in the URL of the webpage, where you want to create your first guide, then click START button;

You should have the UserGuiding Chrome Extension Installed on your Chrome Browser to proceed to the next step, if you haven't download it yet visit here.

Now, your webpage is opened in a new window, with the UserGuiding extension (you won't miss it!)

  • Next, tap into the extension to name and describe your new guide and click on the Create button. 

There is also an alternative path for creating guides, such as:

  • Arrive to your webpage and open the UserGuiding extension.
  • Within the Guides tab, find the Create a new guide button and click on.

Next, name and describe your new guide, and click on Create button.

  • After that, you can add steps to your newly created guide via + Step button or with Click Here. In order to learn more about the different steps within a guide, check this article.  

See also: How to Change Guide Settings from the Extension

Afterwards, you can revisit the Guides tab within the home section, in order to;

  • preview the guides you've already created, 
  • take more actions to edit, clone or delete them.

You can also;

  • search a particular guide by its name,
  • filter guides according to their containers and segment,
  • change their order on list view.

Ps: You can reset filters by clickin on the funnel icon.

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