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Learn How to Activate a Guide with UserGuiding

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This article explains how you can activate a guide and make it visible to end-users visiting your application.

Important: To display guides upon your web application's pages, you need to install UserGuiding on your web platform/site by embedding the container code.

How to make a Guides Visible (Live)?

  • If you are done creating a guide, come back to the UserGuiding panel and find the guide created.

  • Click on its gear icon to go to the settings page.

  • Here, select a container code for it.

Important: The container is the JS code that should be embedded on your web platform to complete the installation. The pages where you want to show onboarding contents, such as guides, must contain this code.

  • Finally, change the status to active, save, and click on green publish changes.

Publishing changes will make your guide visible on your webpage.

  • If you go to the page where you created the guide's first step and refresh it, you'll see the guide started. 

Important: If you want to make a guide invisible to the end-users, you can define its status as Inactive, again from the Settings

Important: To start this guide on a different page(s) of your application, you should utilize the Targeting inside Settings. 

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