Hotspots are static guides presenting near at hand information about an element of your product. By designating a hotspot group for each page, you can comprise all hotspots in a specific page.

Check out the following steps, you will learn how to create your first hotspot group in no time!

  • The first thing you should do is to log in to your UserGuiding Account. 
  • Once you've arrived at the Panel, under the Content section, you will find Hotspots tab, click on it.
  • To start creating your first hotspot group, find the + NEW HOTSPOT GROUP button and click on it.
  • Then, type in the URL of the webpage, where you want to create your first hotspot group, then click START button;

Now, your webpage is opened in a new window, with the UserGuiding extension.

  • Next, tap into the extension to name and describe your new hotspot group and click on the  + Group button and start adding new hotspots.

Before creating a new hotspot group, it is important to know that for each URL in your website only one hotspot group can work. 

There is also an alternative path for creating hotspots, such as:

  • Arrive at your webpage and open the UserGuiding extension.
  • Within the Hotspots tab, find the +Group button and click on it.
  • After naming the hotspot group, you can start adding hotspots to your newly created group via +Hotspot button.
  • And customize your new hotspots through Hotspot Editor Screen.

Afterwards, you can revisit the Hotspots tab within the Extension Home Screen, 

  • If you want to preview the hotspots you've already created, 
  • and take more actions in order to edit or delete them.

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