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Learn How to Manage Your Hotspots with UserGuiding

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In the Panel, under the Content section, there is a Hotspots Tab. Here, you can find every hotspot group you've created in the list view.

Just click on the Settings icon of any group and carry on to:

  • Edit the title and change its status to active or inactive

  • Define the target page URL via Targeting to display your hotspot group on any page(s) you want.

  • Define a specific user segment for the hotspot group so that your hotspot group can be displayed for any particular user group you want.

  • Define how frequently your hotspot group should be visible through the appearance settings.

  • Edit its container preference.

  • Finally, choose the Activate option under the Status header for the hotspots to become visible to your end-users once they arrive at the targeted URL. 

If you want to edit the hotspots of any hotspot group, find its name in the Panel > Content > Hotspots and click on Open in extension so your webpage will open in a new window with UserGuiding's Extension working.

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