What are Help Centers? 

Help Centers in UserGuiding are assistants operating to keep your guides near at hand. 

Since its search function enables them to help end users to find your guides readily. 

Their contents might differ between points to be considered, or reminders of important actions, but unify in purpose:

"Anytime a new user arrives to your platform, s/he can interact with your product efficiently and experience a wholesome onboarding".

How to Create a Help Center?

Check out the following steps, you will learn how to create your first Help Center in no time!

  • The first thing you should do is to log in to your UserGuiding Account. 
  • Once you've arrived in the Panel, under the Content section, you will find Checklists tab, click on it.

Image 1.2

  • Next, find the +NEW CHECKLIST button and click on.
  • Name and describe your new Help Center.
  • Then, choose its container by using the dropdown menu.
  • Always remember, it is important that the Help Center is in the same container with its Guides.
  • Define its format as Default because your preference is a Help Center.

Image 1.10

  • Next, you can add Guides of your preference via Guides in the Help Center subsection near the end of the page, and continue with "Managing Help Centers" article.

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