In your Dashboard, under the Content section, there is Checklists tab. In here, you can find each Help Center you've created in list view. 

Just choose the one that you want to manage, customize or edit and carry on to:

  • Edit its title and subtitle,
  • Define its container by using the dropdown menu.
  • And remember, a Help Center should be in the same container with its Guides which are set to custom trigger.
  • Choose its format as Default because your preference is a Help Center.

Image 1.11

  • Design your Help Center by favour of diverse Color and Font selection.
  • Customize your Launcher by editing its background color, image, size and positioning.
  • Define the target page URL on which the Help Center is displayed via Targeting.
  • Add Guides of your preference via Guides in the Help Center subsection near the end of the page.

Image 1.12

  • Don't forget to check if the selected guides are set to custom trigger.
  • Identify a specific user segment for the Help Center via Segmentation. 
  • Finally, choose the Activate option under the Status header for the the Help Center to become visible to your end users once they arrive to the targeted URL. 

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