We also provide in depth Step Analytics, enabling you to track the number and percantage of the end users proceeding towards later steps in your guides.

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What does MAU mean?

Monthly Active Users (MAU) is the total number of unique user IDs that login to your platform in any given month. We don't charge you for dormant (idle) users who may be in your database but don't log any activity during a given month. That's why, each unique browser session is assigned with an unique user ID.

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What does "# of Guides Viewed" mean?

We count the number of first interactions between an unique user ID and your active guides. Thus, you can always keep track how many times your active guides are introduced to your end users, in other words, total # of Guides Viewed just by visiting the Overview Tab.

What does "# of Guides Completed" mean?

Since a guide can contain multiple steps, the number of viewed guides does not necessarily mean that each step in these guides is viewed by the end users.

When it is an entire walkthrough, however, we count it as a completed guide.

And, you can see the total # of Guides Completed just by visiting the Overview Tab.

What does "Completion Rate" mean?

Completion Rate is the ratio of the completed guides to the viewed guides. And in the Overview Tab, you can find a Completion Rate for your each active guide.

Additionally, you can always monitor your guides' performance in a given time frame, since the data in the Analytics section displays an interval starting from the first time you sign in.

Filter your current data according to date just by visiting the Overview in the Analytics.    

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