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Keep track of the performance of each step in your guides with UserGuiding's Step Analytics.

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UserGuiding's analytics dashboard gives you visibility into how your guides are performing in one central place. Here, you can find Step Analytics for individual guides, to identify drop-off across steps within the guide and help you improve completion rate.

Step Analytics is designed to keep informed regarding the efficiency of your guides, and later on, adjust them to create the most successful versions.

Where to find Step Analytics?

You can navigate to your Analytics Dashboard by clicking on Analytics > Dashboard to see how your live product tours are performing by day, week, or month.

By default, the dashboard shows how all of your guides performed over the course of the last 7 days. You can also select an individual guide from the dropdown.

Then, you can filter by time range, and look at how many users have seen and completed your guide. Below the line chart, you'll find Step Analytics.

Understanding Step Analytics

This report lets you assess:

  • The total number of users that started and completed your Guide in the selected timeframe.

  • Number and proportion of users (relative to users that started the guide) that have seen and dropped off at each step.

  • The overall completion rate of your guide can be found upper right of the chart.

To see information in detail of a specific step, you can simply hover over it:

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