What is Segmentation?

Learn more on how to segment your audience with UserGuiding.

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With UserGuiding, you can target your onboarding materials to specific audiences instead of showing them to all your users; this is called Segmentation.

How to create user segments?

To start creating new segments, simply access the Users Page. Here is the article where we explain in detail how to create and edit segments there.

Alternatively, when editing any of your onboarding materials through the panel, you'll always notice a section called 'Audience Segmentation.'

You can simply choose the 'Custom Segment' option and then click on 'Create a Segment' which will redirect you to the same Users Page.

Will I be able to create segments using my own users' attributes?

By default, the Users Page offers some built-in options to create segments, such as 'Guide A has been seen,' 'Checklist B was not completed,' etc.

However, you can customize your segments much more by sending your own users' attributes. You can learn more about how to do it here.

After sending them, they will be immediately available on the Users Page for creating new segments!

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