Custom attributes are basically segmentation properties that are defined personally by you.

Check out the following steps, you will learn how to create your first Custom Attribute in no time!

  • First of all, log in to your UserGuiding Account. 
  • Once you've arrived in the Panel, under the Customization section, you will find Segmentation tab, click on it.
  • In here, you can either directly switch to the Custom Attributes Page and click on +NEW ATTRIBUTE, 
  • or +CREATE AN ATTRIBUTE while creating a new segment.
  • Assign an Identifier, the key field in your event layer and it is used in your code snippet to track data programmatically.
  • For instance, you can flag your end users with an identifier called "user_type" in your event layer
  • Then, choose a data format that you store the attribute on data layer.
  • Select a data source and click on SAVE.
  • Now, you have created your first Custom Attribute!
  • In accordance to your data format, we give you a code snippet for the attribute you've created. 
  • Copy and Paste this code to the head section of your webpage.
  • By doing so, you push the custom event to the data layer and let UserGuiding JS code search for it, and use it's key value as the custom attribute.
  • This way, you can segment the end users according to their assigned attribute.

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