Do you want your guides to have a natural look on your current interface? With the help of Customization features in UserGuiding, you can design your very own onboarding content just by tapping into the Themes Tab.

In here, you might want specifying General features of your guides as a first step:

  • Name your Theme.
  • Choose any color for your Background&Backdrop, and adjust the opacity of the latter.
  • For the Step Progress Indicator, add a Bar and/or Numbers.
  • Style your step Boxes, Buttons and set Modal and Tooltip Width.
  • And remember, in the meantime, you are able to preview the theme in progress.
  • After that, you can edit the Text font, color, size and alignment.
  • Preview the directives' language, and implement necessary changes.
  • For the Hotspots, choose any given style, animation and color for the Beacon.
  • Decide when to show it and also when to hide it.

Just by following these basic steps, you can create multiple Themes, duplicate your existing guides and later on, assign any theme to any guide.

Don't be shy! Use adventurous Emojis, Images, GIFs and Videos within these themes!

And eventually, blend your onboarding content with your own UI elements, in order to provide the best product adaptation experience for the end users.

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