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Creating the Promoter Survey
Creating the Promoter Survey
Learn How to Create a Promoter Survey with UserGuiding
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As a company, you will need a Promoter Survey to measure the willingness of your customers to recommend your product & services to others. In this article, we will explain how to create your first Promoter Survey within minutes.

How to start using the default Promoter Survey?

  • The first thing you should do is to log in to your UserGuiding Account.

  • Once you've arrived in the Panel, navigate to the Content section, and click on the Promoter Survey tab.

  • There, you’ll find the template survey that UserGuiding provides.

  • Next, click on Settings and scroll down. Here, you can choose a container for your Survey, change its status to active, and start using it with the default setting.

In this case:

Survey Question: How likely are you to recommend this product to a friend or colleague?

Feedback Question: Why did you choose that score?

How to create a custom Promoter Survey?

If you want to prepare your Promoter Survey from scratch, here are the steps you should consider from top to bottom:

  • First, edit the NPS Survey Question, and then the NPS Feedback Question.

  • The latter is optional, in case you'd like to collect written feedback.

  • Then, you can rewrite the rating scale texts from lowest to highest.

  • Following that, you can change button texts as you wish, according to their functionality.

  • Select any primary and secondary color for the theme, and Preview the final state of your survey.

  • To specify which page the survey appears before your end-users, define a target page URL and set a rule. Remember, you can designate multiple targets for your survey.

  • Proceed by setting the Appearance settings whether you want to ask in-the-moment feedback or collect it sometime after the experience your end-user has had with your service. Learn more about Appearance Settings.

  • Then, choose the percentage of the users that will be sampled. Learn more about Sample Settings.

  • After that, you can either show your survey to all of your users or define a specific user segment via Custom Segmentation.

  • Lastly, designate the container in which you would like to place the survey.

  • If you are satisfied with the result, make the survey visible to your end-users, visit the top of the page and change its status to Active.

Save and Publish the changes you've made and start collecting your customers' feedback as it is the key to understanding the future success of your company.

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