When User Identification is enabled, your end-users will have a better cross-browser experience with personalized material, and your MAU quota will be utilized thriftily and you will gain access to the User API.

User Identification Feature and User API access is only available for the customers that are subscribed to the Growth Plan or the Enterprise plan.

Learn how to enable User Identification.

When User Identification is enabled:

The User IDs, other user attributes and onboarding material usage data are being kept in the cloud, and retrieved accordingly each time an end-user visits your web platform, where UserGuiding is installed.

Your current period MAU will be reset to zero, and usage analytics will be started to be measured from scratch.

You can access the onboarding material usage data by using the User API.

Learn more about the User API.

When User Identification is disabled:

As you may already know, UserGuiding generates random unique user ids and stores them in your bowser's local storage. Users' UserGuiding histories and their properties are kept in the local storage as well.

Therefore, when a browser's local storage is cleared, user ids and histories are wiped out as well. As a solution, we offer User Identification to keep the user data persisted in the cloud.

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