During a guide preview, UserGuiding's algorithm checks if a page's URL match with the previewed guide's targeting configurations. This control prevents walkthroughs to trigger on a wrong page.

If the targeting rule matches the current URL, the guide is being triggered without any problem.

When Targeting Settings of the guide do not match with the current URL, the browser will auto navigate to the starting URL. This is possible for the Custom Trigger Scenarios.

Custom Trigger Scenarios:
Guide List, Checklist, Help Center, Permalink, JS Trigger.

To adjust your flow settings open the Extension > choose a guide of yours to edit > click on settings > and navigate to the Flow Tab

Here is an example;

Guide A Targeting Rule: URL > contains > /home
Guide A Starting URL: https://userguiding.com/home

Current URL: https://userguiding.com/features

When Guide A is triggered, the targeting rule will not match with the current url, the browser will automatically switch to the Starting URL (https://userguiding.com/home) to start the guide.

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