In UserGuiding, targeting is the process of selecting the starting page of your onboarding materials and effectively directing them to the sight of the target page's visitor. 

This helps you set the right condition in which your guides appear at the right place, so you make sure that your guides resonate better with the end-user.

In order to define on which page(s) your guide should start displaying, go to the Targeting section in Settings.

While creating a guide, the URL of the page that you've created the first step of the guide is determined as the default target page. Later on, you can visit the settings and redefine another page, or multiple pages, for targeting.

If you want your guide to appear on more than one page, you can designate somes rules(1) or, optionally, add multiple target urls to generate a matching condition(2). 

Example 1:


Example 2:

  • https:/
  • https:/

That's all!

The guide will work on all sites matching the targeting condition. When you update the guide, it will be presented in its latest form on all target pages.

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