In UserGuiding, you can trigger your guides through their hyperlinks and share them with other people. This article explains how you can accomplish this.

Within the UserGuiding panel > guides page, for each guide you've created, you will find a hyperlink on the row of the guide, that belongs to it.

When you click on the paper-clip icon that can be seen on the right side of the guide's row, a popup containing the link opens. 

You can directly copy and use this link. When an end-user clicks on this link, or to an element where the guide's hyperlink is embedded, the guide will be triggered.

For this guide to be displayed, the current page URL that is seen by the end-users is going to become the Guide's flow URL (starting URL).

Remember: The first step of a guide's URL a.k.a its starting URL is what we call Flow. Flow exists as a fall-back URL for the instances in which you trigger a guide when the current page is not matching with the guide's page targeting setting.

Triggering a guide via its hyperlink is a custom trigger method as an alternative to the default automatic triggering method.

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