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Triggering Guides via hyperlink
Triggering Guides via hyperlink

Learn how to trigger a Guide by clicking on a link.

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In UserGuiding, you can trigger your Guides through their hyperlinks and share them with other people. This article explains how you can accomplish this.

Within the UserGuiding panel > Guides page, you will find a hyperlink on the row of the Guide.

When you click on the paper-clip icon, a popup containing the link opens. 

You can directly copy and use this link. The Guide will be triggered when an end-user clicks on this link or an element where the Guide's hyperlink is embedded.

Notice that triggering a Guide via its hyperlink is a custom trigger method alternative to the default automatic triggering method.

Note: The hyperlink is built based on the Redirect URL (the URL where the Guide is supposed to be initiated). Feel free to change it by accessing your Guide settings. Once the Redirect URL has been updated, the hyperlink will also be changed.

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