Here, you see that we mention some of the improvements with the 3rd version of the Chrome extension. If you'd like to discover more, and even better all of them, you are free to explore and play around!

Ps: Don't be surprised if you see a suggestion that you've made before. That's right. We listen :)


  • Search function for guides&hotspots
  • Filtering guides&hotspots by their container or segments
  • Ability to set a theme on the create screen
  • Go to the panel button on the bottom.

Creating Step

  • Creating steps using templates that can be displayed by hovering upon them.
  • Instead of a Click&Tooltip step, using “Proceed to Next Step on click of” element.

Content Editor

  • New component types: HERO and BUTTON
  • Setting the order of components via drag & drop
  • Ability to use multiple components in a single row
  • Setting paddings surrounding components


  • Changing font size with block type.
  • Inserting user attributes for personalization e.g. Welcome {{ username }


  • Setting max height and horizontal alignment for images
  • Starting a Guide/ going to a URL by clicking on an image

Guide List Component, previously known as Guide Navigation

  • Setting button roundness, height&font size of each list item
  • Option to hide list items if user not in the correct segment

Tooltip/Input Side Editor

  • Advancing to the next step either by clicking on an element or with a next button
  • Option to display or hide navigation buttons [previous, next, done] during a preview
  • Skip if the element is not present by default
  • Navigating by using horizontal tabs [Tooltip/Design/Advanced]

Modal Side Editor

  • Setting modal placement [center, top right, bottom left etc.]
  • Option to enable/disable interaction with page during preview
  • Option to display or hide navigation buttons [previous, next, done] during a preview
  • Navigating by using horizontal tabs [Modal/Design]

Hotspot Side Editor

  • Ability to dismiss a hotspot: Once clicked, hotspot never be shown to the user again
  • Show/hide Quit icon
  • Ability to start hotspot open
  • Setting fixed width for a hotspot content

*Option to add a new step/hotspot, relocate an element and navigate between steps/hotspots without leaving the editor.

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