As a third-party SaaS, we count the number of visitors reaching the page where the UserGuiding script is embedded. If you wonder how to keep on reading...

Once a user arrives at a page containing the code, a unique ID is generated for the visitor. Each unique ID means 1 Monthly Active User. If the same user logs in to your platform more than once in a given month, preserving the same local storage aka the same ID, we don't count it as another MAU.

But, if the user clears its local storage and then re-visits your platform, a new ID must be generated and, this new ID also means 1 MAU.

Also, if the user changes its computer, or visits the platform incognito, again a new ID generated for it since there is no way left for us to understand if it is the same user who has visited before your platform or not.

Important: MAU count is independent of the status of the material (guides, hotspots. etc) and it is based on the end-user amount who visit the pages in which the container code is embedded. And the MAU data that we keep track of is based on end users' Browser Local Storage.

That said, User Persisted Storage is a solution we offer to keep the data persisted in the cloud.

When this feature is enabled, you can send your own user IDs to our API and the total amount of these IDs becomes your total MAU count. 

All of the IDs that you send, guides played, guides completed, step analytics, and segmentation &custom attributes are kept in the cloud and accordingly retrieved each time an end-user visits your website. 

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