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Hotspot Redirection Settings
Hotspot Redirection Settings

Learn how you can utilize Hotspot Redirection Settings

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Flow is designed to improve your Hotspot building experience. It's used in the following two scenarios;

  1. If you open a hotspot from the UserGuiding dashboard, we will land you on the Redirect URL that is set by default.

  2. If you start to preview a hotspot within the extension, but the Hotspot's Targeting Conditions are not provided; In such a case, we redirect you to the 'Redirect' URL you've set.

By default, the Redirect URL is the page where you created the first Hotspot within a Hotspot Group.

To adjust your Redirect URL for a Hotspot Group; Open the Extension > choose a Hotspot Group of yours to edit > Click on Settings > and navigate to the Redirect Tab.

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