You will be able to adjust many configurations while creating a Promoter Survey. In this article, we explain how to make changes in the Appearance Settings.

Promoter Survey - Video Tutorial

Appearance Settings Definitions

Below, you may see the explanations of each section under the Appearance section, under the light of example above:

The number ‘60’ above indicates the time period of the Promoter Survey. In a period, a user only sees the survey once. (If they do not click "Ask me later" or leave the Promoter Survey unanswered). After submitting an NPS response, a user will not see the survey again for 60 (it can be edited) days. After 60 days, the NPS survey will be shown again to get another response.

The number '1' indicates how many page visits are required for a user to see the survey. If it is ‘1’, the NPS will be shown during the first page view. The recommended value is ‘5’ to not bother users.

Sometimes users want to answer the survey later. If they postpone the survey, after that amount of days (15), the survey will be shown again.

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