The Intercom integration allows you to see which users have reacted to your NPS survey along with the actual score they've given and automate your Intercom emails based on this score. 

Important Note: Intercom should be a product that you've been using. We do not provide the product itself as a part of your subscription to UserGuiding.

First of all, when you want to filter your users in Intercom according to the NPS score which they've given you, you can use nps_score_userguiding as the filter.

In the example below, we've wanted to get the list of users who've given us an NPS score greater than 7.


Creating a User Audience for Intercom Messages and Emails

When you create an email or in-app message on Intercom, you often make a decision on who will receive it. By adding rules, you design your audience. 

Now, you can generate and +Add rule based on the NPS scores given by your users and various conditions of the Intercom.

In the below example, our email audience is made up of users who've given us an NPS score greater than 7. 

In any use case, you can detect which users have given you an NPS score lower or higher than a certain value and gain insight into users' opinions on your product and service. Accordingly, then, you can take necessary measures through intelligent communication with Intercom messages and emails.

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