Before diving into the scores there is one important thing, as we all know the world is going through very hard times. Human health & well-being is our number 1 priority as always, but right now we should pay much more efforts, compared to regular times, to carry this message out.

No matter the score, find a way to let your users know that you care for them and ready to do your best to help them and the humanity.

How the score is calculated;

We can calculate the COVID-score by asking customers one question: “How has your business been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic?”

Based on their score, we subtract the % of people positively affected (0<COVID-index≤+3) from the % of those negatively affected (-3≤COVID-index<0). So the total range is between -100 and 100.

Furthermore, on the Latest Responses section on the COVID-Meter dashboard, you'll be able to overview business-by-business the respective influence of coronavirus over your customers.

-100 to -50: Critical

The alarm bell is ringing!! This may be a problematic score but at least you are aware of the issue, not so bad at all.

Get prepared for instant churn requests. In this case, the best thing you can do is to prevent or postpone churn (at least until things get in the way). You may suggest pausing subscriptions for a while or offer a more affordable alternative plan.

A good alternative could be reaching out to them with a reasonable offer before they do, this way they will have one less thing to be worried about.

Most important of all, as we mentioned in the beginning, let them know that you care for them and their business. If you do not act in an understanding way, your relationship may get hurt really bad.

-50 to 0: Major

Not as alarming as the previous range, but the possibility of sudden churn increases is still around the corner. You can detect the companies having trouble with the pandemic on the COVID-Meter dashboard and reach out to them with possible discount proposals. 

In case they'd like to cancel their subscriptions, offer them to pause their subscriptions, so they can keep using your services until they recollect themselves. 

0 to 50: Moderate

You will most probably pull through this. But there is still a considerable chunk of your customers who might consider tighten their belts, and hence cancel their subscriptions. 

If you can come up with creative solutions to their COVID-related problems, this might be a small feature or a brand-new product relieving their pain, you can show that you care about their business and convince them to say. Pausing their subscriptions for awhile, at least till the pandemic clears out, will probably help you retain them.

50 to 100: Minor

You can consider yourself lucky. It's more than likely that you will land back on your feet stronger than ever. But there might be a few customers who struggle lately. You can come up with some special campaigns that are tailor-made to their most recent pandemic-related problems. 

Just reach out to them, send them sincere messages and emails showing that you understand their challenges and ask how you can be helpful. This act alone will help you retain your struggling customers.

  • If you do not have running a Covid-Meter yet, check out this article to create one right now.
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