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Adding a custom font to a Theme
Adding a custom font to a Theme

Using Custom Fonts in Guides and Hotspots.

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Why use a custom font?

Preserving consistency and rhythm of a product adoption experience is only possible if you could blend in all onboarding content with your own website’s UI elements and style.

How to add a custom font to a Theme?

You only have 3 steps to go through:

1. Define

First, you need to find out which type of font is used in your web platform. If you do not know how to inspect your source, you can follow the steps here.

2. Configure

  • Login to your UserGuiding panel and go to Themes under Customization to create a new theme or update your default theme.

  • Click on the Typography section; here, you can change the text's font color, size, and alignment.

  • Here, on the dropdown menu, you can easily select your custom font or embed your font’s CSS & URL under Custom Font.

3. Set Live

  • Once you’re satisfied with the theme you’ve created, you can save and publish changes.

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