Contents in UserGuiding (guides, hotspots, checklist, theme, etc.) are bundled inside the JavaScript, so UserGuiding remains functional if there is no internet connection. 

In such a case, UserGuiding makes the best of the localStorage for storing user history to enable vital features such as "showing a guide only once", custom attribute tracking, segmentation, targeting and, etc.

If in your case localStorage is not enabled, you can tap into our JS API to trigger your onboarding content.


If you don't have an internet connection: 

You will still get:

  • To show various onboarding contents including guides, hotspots, and checklists. 

  • JS API will be fully functional, so you can trigger guides and checklists with JS calls. (JS API docs)

  • Custom attribute tracking.

  • User segmentation. (Read more)

You won’t get:

  • Usage metrics (# of guides played / completed etc.) feature

  • User persisted storage feature

  • NPS surveys feature

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