What are Hotspots?

Learn what Hotspots are and how to create them.

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Hotspots are static onboarding contents that can exhibit near-at-hand information
about any item of your product. 

You can think of a hotspot as an asynchronous box that can be placed on several locations on a page, presenting its informative content on demand without causing a crowd on your interface.

How to utilize Hotspots?

Hotspots do not block user interaction; thus, they do not sacrifice the sense of discovery. You can utilize them to:

  • Put forward and announce new features,

  • Draw user attention to old ones.

  • Provide instant help and platform insights to navigate end-user experience.

  • Acclimatize new users with your UI when they first arrive.


How to create Hotspots?

To create and design Hotspots, you will need the UserGuiding Chrome Extension. If you haven't already, click here to download it.

  • Once you have downloaded the Extension, find the Hotspots under the "Content" section in the left-hand menu. 

  • Click on the Hotspots page, then click on "Create a Hotspot Group".

Note: Since Hotspots placed on a specific page are held as groups, first you need to create a Hotspot Group, then you can make the singular hotspots.

  • Type your Hotspot group name and the web page address into the opening window, where you want to create your first hotspot group.

    In the anticipation that soon you will have multiple Hotspot groups, the best practice is to have a well-thought-out naming strategy for easier searching and identification.

    A group name based on the page can help. An example hotspot group will hold the hotspots we put on our website's main page.

  • Finally, the website will be opened in a new tab with the UserGuiding Chrome extension open, and you'll be asked to create your first Hotspot.

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