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How to utilize Checklists in your web app?
How to utilize Checklists in your web app?

Learn about different practices with checklists.

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Checklists are onboarding contents containing a list of organized guides. They are placed on web applications' dashboards to assist and support end-users. In this article, we'll talk about how they can be utilized inside web applications. 

How to utilize Checklists in your web app?

You can create your checklists, place them on your web application's dashboard, and keep an eye on end-user progress upon the checklists.

Checklists can have different functions, but they do unify in purpose: Creating a Successful User Experience 🙌

With checklists, you can gain the following outcomes and many more:

  • Onboarding end users,

  • Nourish Platform Engagement 

  • Increase Overall Product and New Feature Adoption 

Guides' that you put inside a checklist can be unlocked to reduce user errors. By enabling this feature, you can better organize guides and avert any confusion that end users might experience on your platform.

To learn how to create a checklist, click here.


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