Setting Themes to Guides&Hotspots with Chrome Extension.

Guides are made up of steps and you can create a guide by creating either one or more steps.

While you're working on the Chrome Extension, you can set a custom theme to a guide either before creating a guide or afterward. 

Themes and Customization Video Tutorial

Before creating the guide, if you open the theme dropdown, you will find your custom themes.

The same is valid before creating a Hotspot Group as well.

Afterward, you can always use Settings > Design to change the theme. 

Then, come back to and click on Green Publish Changes Button to update the container code, meaning the live version of our guides and hotspots.

If it has not turned to green yet, refresh the page and then, click on it. 

You can follow similar paths when the content you want to customize is the Hotspot Group.

Setting Themes to Guides&Hotspots in 

Find the guide you want to change its theme and go to its settings page. Here, scroll down until you notice Advanced Settings.

  1. If you open the Theme Dropdown, your existing themes will appear on the list. Select the theme you want this guide to have, save, and publish changes again.

  2. Each time you create a new custom theme, it will appear in the Themes Dropdown.

You can follow similar paths when the content you want to customize is the Hotspot Group.

Why is the Custom Theme not applying to my guide completely?

If you change the appearance of a guide or hotspot manually while working on the Chrome extension, they are considered as retouches.

And, retouches can override the functioning of the theme that is designated to a guide. Because they have programmatic superiority over themes. 

That's why the best practice is to change the theme of a guide rather than changing its design step by step. 

If you detect any imperfection in your guide and hotspot designs, this kind of practice could be the reason behind your issue.

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