Setting a Theme within the Chrome Extension

While you're working on the Chrome Extension, you can set a custom theme to a guide either before or after creating a guide, as shown below:

Before creating a guide:

After creating a guide:

  • Please don't forget to hit the Publish Changes button on your panel to make your changes live.

Setting a Theme within the Panel

  • You can use Advanced Settings of your Guide/Hotspot to change the Theme, as shown below.

Why is the Custom Theme not applying to my Guide/Hotspot thoroughly?

If you change the appearance of a guide or hotspot manually while working on the Chrome extension, they are considered retouches.

And retouches within individual steps can override the functioning of the theme designated to a guide, and they will not stick to the guide completely.

If you want to apply your changes to the guide thoroughly, you need to change the guide's Theme, not the step-by-step design.

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