When you're changing a guide's targeting and carrying it from one page to another, you should also change "Redirect" settings on the Chrome Extension. Otherwise, when you trigger this guide, the old targeting's URL is going to be recalled and you're going to be redirected there. 

If you're wondering how...🤔 Let me explain briefly, but before that just remember:

  1. Guides are made up of steps and, you can create a guide by creating either one or more steps.

  2. Guides come into view on their targeting URL(s).

  3. A guide's default targeting & redirection is the same as the URL of the page in which you've created its first step. 

  4. Basically the first step's URL a.k.a the starting URL is what we call Redirect URL which exists as a fall-back URL.

If you trigger a guide on a page which is not applying to the guide's targeting rule:

  • This triggered guide recalls its Redirect URL so that it can start since Guides can come into view only on their targeting URL(s).

  • This means, your current page changes into the page in which you've created its first step. Guides can start from their first steps.

That's why you should always change a guide's redirection when you carry it from one page to another. 

Not changing the redirection: means that you carried a guide but left its first step behind. And old flow will always override the guide migration and redirect you to its old targeting.

What to do to not be redirected to an old URL?

  • The Redirection Setting of a guide is ON by default, however, it can be turned OFF. This way, there will be no redirection (no URL change) when the targeting settings of a guide do not match the current URL.

  • Keep in mind that the guide will not start if the current page URL does not match the targeting settings.

  • Redirection settings can be updated to a new URL through the Panel. You can navigate to the guides tab, choose the guide, visit its settings page and find Redirection Settings under the Advanced Settings section.

And to learn more about this topic, you can always take a look at the article called Redirection Settings.

Page Targeting Video Tutorial

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