What are Guides?

Learn what Guides are and how to create them.

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Guides have become must-haves for great user experiences. They can educate, update, and inform on the go by answering users' questions.

As the name implies, they guide end-users throughout any experience that you provide within your web application.

  • They consist of steps: a guide can have either one or multiple steps.

  • They're in motion: once a guide is started, end-users can complete all the steps or drop them before finishing.

Creating a Guide

To create and design guides, you will need the UserGuiding Chrome Extension. If you haven't already, click here to download it.

Then, you'll have two options to start:

  1. Go to a page of your app in which you want to create a guide and open the Chrome Extension via its icon.

2. Or, login to panel.userguiding.com

  • Click on Guides under the Content section in the left-hand menu. 

  • Then, click on the + Create a Guide button, which you can see below.

  • Into the opening popup, please enter the name of your Guide and the URL where you want to create it. Then, click on the Confirm button.

  • Finally, your webpage should be opened in a new tab with the UserGuiding extension working.

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